Foto: SAVOY Film Club: Escape from New York (OV)  

SAVOY Film Club: Escape from New York (OV)

Tuesday, February 19 at 8.45 pm

Action | Sci-Fi - USA 1981 - 99 minutes
Director: John Carpenter
Stars: Kurt Russell, Lee Van Cleef, Ernest Borgnine
FSK 16: Not to be shown to persons under 16 years (obligatory photo id!)

New York City is a maximum security prison. Breaking out is impossible. Breaking in is insane.


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It is 1997 and a nearly destroyed New York City has become a walled prison for over 3 million convicted criminals who have lost, but survived, a brutal war against the United States Police Force. In this maximum security prison-city, escape has been made impossible – every bridge is mined and walled, the surrounding waters are filled with deadly electricity and the Statue of Liberty has become just another guard tower from which officers in infra-red goggles blast, on sight, any prisoners desperate enough to try to get out. Radar scanners revolve and helicopters circle the island of Manhattan endlessly. Other than the monthly food drops made by air into Central Park these outcasts are left completely on their own to prey on each other.

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Dienstag , 19.02.19

Beginn der Hauptvorstellung ca. 20 Minuten nach Vorstellungsbeginn.


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